FourFour Two: Texas best construction

Texas best – A Texas construction worker posted video of a construction site that appeared to be “stuck” in a landfill.

A video posted to YouTube by construction worker Bill Balfour showed a pile of cement blocks being loaded onto a conveyor belt.

The site appeared to have been in a hazardous waste landfill and a sign on the site stated that it was unsafe to approach.

Balfour said he was able to get the video to his friends.

Baldwin, Texas – A construction worker in Baldwin, Texas, captured this video of the site that he said appeared to hold an “extremely hazardous” landfill.

The video was posted to a YouTube channel called Construction Set Toys.

Balgurgh, Texas — Balfours video shows the site where he says a construction worker was stranded after his truck was stuck in the construction pile.

Belfast Telegraph Video captured video of workers dumping a construction material in the city of Belfast, England, after a construction crane collapsed in the village of Belfast.

The site appeared closed and there was no sign of rescue, but a statement said that there had been an incident involving a contractor at the site and a rescue team was on the way.

Bristol, England — A construction company has confirmed a construction workers truck was stranded at a construction area and was sent to a nearby hospital.

The company said the worker was “deeply concerned” after his vehicle was stuck for about a half-hour.

It said a “hazardous” situation had been resolved and the truck was being returned to the site.

In this Sept. 15, 2019, file photo, a construction vehicle with a sign warning it was “stung” by the construction site at the corner of Broadway and Highway 70 is seen on a street in downtown Charlotte, N.C.

The construction worker said he is hoping to resume his work Monday, when construction will begin on a $100 million mixed-use project at the intersection of Interstate 65 and the railroad tracks.

The new mixed-used building will include apartments, retail and offices.

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)Bristot, France — An anonymous reader shared the video of an underground dumpster that appears to be stuck in France.

The video shows a black plastic trash bag holding a white plastic bucket of water.

The white plastic bag is floating in the air as if it were still alive, and the bucket of garbage can be seen floating in its wake.

The man, who asked not to be identified, said he has worked at a company for about seven years and is employed by the local authorities.

He said he went to the area where the dumpster was being stored because he wanted to get some work done, but he didn’t think he would get a job.

He told the French news agency AFP that he was surprised to see it on the video because he doesn’t usually go to the dumpsites where the stuff goes.

The dumpster is not visible on the street, which is also blocked by the nearby train tracks.

The owner of the construction company that was transporting the dumpsters, a company called Constructionset Toys, confirmed that the worker had been stuck for two hours and said that they were in contact with local authorities and the local police.