How to make a home for $200,000 in just 2 days

A couple from Texas was on the hunt for a house for less than $200k.

After looking around online, they discovered they had just the thing.

The property, a two-story, four-bedroom house with a backyard on the corner, was listed for $204,000.

The seller, a construction company, was willing to sell at a discount if the buyer could meet their financial goals.

After much work, they managed to get the house built for $205,000 with no modifications.

“We spent a little over $50,000,” said Steve.

The builder had an online listing for the house with an approximate sale price of $175,000, but Steve wanted to sell it before that.

They wanted to make sure the house was in good shape, and that the property was in a good condition, before they even got the financing.

“We’ve done all the pre-negotiations,” said Steven.

“The mortgage is paid off and everything is in order.

I don’t want to wait until I get the deed.”

The house is a home and it’s a beautiful place.

It has been on the market for two weeks and they have already received an offer from a potential buyer.

“It’s a nice, small home,” said Greg.

“This is just an affordable home that we’re looking for.”

The seller says they’re also looking for a good-sized garage to move the car.

They also want a home that can be easily shared with others.

The couple says they have never lived anywhere else, but they feel like they have a home in their back yard.

“I feel like we’re a bit of an outlier,” said Matt.

“So we’re just trying to get this house in as good shape as possible.”

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