The construction of a second church in Boston’s downtown is on track to begin this summer

The Irish Sun article Boston’s largest construction project to date is on pace to begin in early summer.

The Rev. William P. McDonough, the executive director of the Massachusetts Building Industry Association, said that the second church planned for Boston’s Logan Square would be completed this fall.

The second church would be a church dedicated to the “Spirit of the City” that is part of a larger vision to build more than 300,000 square feet of worship space at the Boston Convention Center, which opened in 2016.

The new church would also be the first dedicated church to be built in the former site of the old Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

McConough said the church would serve as the second home for the “spirit of the city” and will be a home for both Irish and English speakers.

He said the new church will not be built on the site of existing church buildings that have been demolished.

He said the building will be built to withstand the elements and be able to withstand heavy storms.

“The new site will be constructed in such a way that we are able to protect our existing structures, to protect the cultural heritage of the Boston area and the cultural traditions of the surrounding community,” McConugh said.

He added that the new structure will be in keeping with the mission of the church and will have a new, more modern design.

The church will have space for a number of large and small events, and will provide the space for people of all ages and ethnicities to gather together.

McConnell said that as part of the new project, the church will also have a dedicated altar and a larger sanctuary for worship.

McConnell said the current Irish and Irish-English church is a “pioneering example” of a multi-faith community.

The Irish Church in Logan Square is a new multi-service building that will have two floors of worship, two levels of services and an altar.

McConough also said that a church with a total area of just over 5,000,000 sq.ft. will be dedicated to “Spirituality” and “Celebrating Life.”

He said that “the spirit of the community” will be present in the new space.

“We want the Spirit of the Community to be a welcoming, safe, respectful and vibrant space that is conducive to a wide range of religions and lifestyles,” McConnell told The Irish Star.

“It is going to be an event-driven place that will provide space for all of the groups and individuals who want to participate in a celebration of life, to enjoy a wide variety of activities that are not a part of their religious services.”

McConnell added that he is confident the new building will also be a “home for the community.”

He noted that it will be designed to be open to the public, so that people can come and visit, and that the site will have the same amenities as existing facilities.

McConnor said that while he does not have a concrete estimate for the completion date of the project, he is hopeful that the church can be completed by the fall.

He also said there is no timeline for when construction will begin on the church.