How to build your own house: Here’s how to make one in your basement

You know how many of you actually use a couch?

You know you can’t live without one.

Well, the folks at have a couch solution for your living room.

It’s called Je dunn, and it’s actually made from plywood and cardboard.

It costs $200.

The company, which is owned by former tech entrepreneur Adam Neumark, has made a name for itself by making custom furniture.

Neumack has also made custom furniture for the likes of Airbnb, where he created the custom couch.

But you could probably make a house out of cardboard in your living space, too.

You could make one out of a large stack of plywood, for example, and then you could fold it up and lay it on the floor.

Neemack says Je dunns are also used for the roofing material in apartments and homes, and is now developing a home for himself.

We’re going to try to be more flexible in the way we design it, Neumach says, adding that he wants to build it in the same style of building you’d see on a large suburban lot.

So he wants it to be a little more open and functional.

I think it’s an amazing opportunity for the market, he says.

The biggest issue is you’re going up against all the construction companies out there, and they’re very focused on making sure you’re very efficient.

That’s a very difficult problem to overcome.

We could build a whole house from it, or we could put it in a corner or maybe put it inside a garage, he adds.

Je dunnes are easy to build and they come in different sizes.

They’re just very flexible and inexpensive, Neemach says.

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