How to build your own pepper construction hat

By now, you’ve probably been wondering what it’s like to construct a pepper hat for yourself.

For the uninitiated, a pepper construction kit can be found at most hardware stores.

This kit includes everything you need to make your own kit: a box of caps, a hat, a drill bit, and a wire mesh cutter.

You can also purchase the pepper construction toolkit for around $30.

A pepper construction is not just for people with limited materials.

You’ll want to make a hat that looks great, too.

For this DIY project, we’ll build a homemade pepper construction using wire mesh cutting scissors and wire cutting equipment.

For more tips on making your own DIY pepper construction, be sure to check out the full guide below.

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First, get a drill press.

Here’s how you can build your first pepper construction.

To start, we need to get a new drill press so we can use it to cut down the wire mesh.

This will be the drill we’ll use to drill out the hat.

Start by laying the wire on the drill press’s handle.

Next, lay a piece of wire on top of the wire.

This wire should be about 1/8-inch (2mm) wide.

Drill a hole about 1-inch from the end of the piece of wires.

This hole should be 1-inches deep.

Now lay the wire again on top.

This time, drill a hole in the center of the hat so you can get a good seal.

If you have a hat cutter, it will be a good idea to use the cutter to cut the wire that will make the hat in the first place.

The next step is to attach the wire to the drill head.

Start at the end, attach the tip of the drill to the end by pulling the wire into the drill.

This creates a long metal rod that you can attach to the head to make the drill work.

Repeat this process for the other end of your wire.

Repeat the process on the other side of the wires until you’ve got all the wires attached.

This is your hat.

Now you’ll attach the hat to the wire with wire.

Don’t worry about the hat being rigid.

This hat will hold up to a little flexing.

To attach the cap to the hat, attach it to the other ends of the handle.

Make sure the cap is attached securely to the handle with the cap on the bottom and the hat on top, and the cap at least 1-to-2 inches away from the tip.

This should be easy to do because you can see where the hat will hang when you hold the hat upside down.

Now attach the caps to the tips of the handles.

Make the caps attach securely with a long piece of tape or wire.

If the caps don’t fit tightly, use a tape measure to check that everything is securely attached.

Attach the hat with the hat cutout and the wire cutout to the wires.

You’re done!

Now you have the first hat!

It’ll take some getting used to.

To use your hat, you can simply turn the hat over and put the cap back on.

This process is much more efficient than you’d think.

You don’t need to worry about making sure your hat is flat when you take it off.

After you’re finished, you’ll be able to put your hat back on, attach your cap, and make it look like a real hat.

If your hat doesn’t look right, make sure to cut a hole or two in the wire and use the wire saw to fix the hat’s shape.

Now, you should be able make a couple hats at a time.

Make a few hats for friends or family members and put them on the table to give out to friends.