How to fix a house without a roof

When your house is on the brink of collapse, you’ll want to know exactly how to fix it.

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What to expect The first thing you’ll need to know is what type of roof you need.

In most cases, the best place to look for an approved roof is at a building inspector.

Then you’ll find a roof rating from the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

The ABCC’s roof rating system looks at how much of a roof your building needs to be able to support its occupants.

This rating is based on the roof length, the height of the roof and the amount of light and ventilation in the structure.

For example, a 1.5m roof has a 1 per cent rating and a 2m roof is rated 3 per cent.

If you want to look at a roof rated up to 6 metres (20ft), you’ll also need to look to your local building code.

If your roof has not been approved yet, you can request one from the ABCC and get a quote.

The ABCM roof rating is usually around 5 per cent and is available to contractors.

If the roof is not approved yet and you’re looking for a roof from a different building code, you may be able contact the ABCM.

A roof rating that is less than 5 per, can be approved through a third party.

The building inspector may be happy to approve a roof in its own building, if the roof has been approved by a third-party authority.

If it has not, you will need to contact the roof authority for the roof rating.

Once you’ve obtained the roof, you might also need some extra information.

The first step is to get a roof assessment from your building inspector to ensure it’s the right type.

The roof will need a roof and structural integrity certificate from your local council.

The certificates will be issued by the ABCA.

You can find them online or contact the building authority for your council.

Once approved, the roof can be inspected by your local architect.

They’ll need a special permit to inspect it.

If they are satisfied that the roof meets their requirements, they’ll send you a permit for the new roof.

This permit will be valid for six months and can be used for the next six months, if required.

Once the permit is issued, you must then apply for a new roof through the building inspector, the ABCB or the ABCCA.

This is a process that is more complicated than the previous step.

You’ll need: A copy of your building licence – if your building is under construction and you don’t have a roof licence, you should have one