SRT building new $10bn project in South Australia

The state’s new South Australian Rail franchise is building a $10 billion $60 billion railway project in the state’s north-west, a government spokesperson said.

Key points:SRT is to create a new rail network in the northern state, which is a major part of South Australia’s economyThe project will include a new terminal in Townsville and a new station in MelbourneThe company says the new railway line will create around 800 jobs in the regionThe new railway is the biggest of its kind in South Australian history, with a capacity of around 3.3 million passengers a day, the spokesperson said in a statement.SRT, which was formed in 2009, is the state government’s second-largest employer.

The company said the project would create around 400 jobs and a further 1,400 jobs in Townships.

The statement said the rail line will be the largest of its type in South Australians history, and will be used to transport trains and freight between the two states.

The South Australian government is due to announce its project strategy on July 20.