The best of’s basketball coverage heading into the 2016-17 NBA season

The best and most important basketball news heading into Saturday’s NBA draft. 

This is the time for NBA executives to evaluate the players and draft prospects that have emerged over the past week and a half.

It’s also the time to look for the next big names.

The Lakers are the biggest risk here, as they are a longshot to pick a player like Markelle Fultz.

They may be able to find a gem here, but the Lakers are still in need of a wing scorer.

If that means taking a player with an intriguing college game like Tyler Ulis, then so be it.

They will also likely be in need at the position after trading for Anthony Davis, who is not likely to play this season due to NCAA eligibility concerns.

Another team that might take a flier on Fultz is the Memphis Grizzlies.

They have no interest in taking a big man at this point, but they are not going to rush into making a trade to get a star like Fultz, either.

That is a very long shot for the Grizzlies, though.

Memphis is still young and the front office may not be able bring in a star of Fultz’s caliber in a deal.

The Lakers should be looking for a wing player that can score in the paint, and it is unclear if the Lakers would even be able get a chance to do so. 

The Sixers are the other team that will probably look for a big, versatile wing player in the first round.

They were able to snag an impressive big man in Markel LeVert, but are likely not going take on a lot of salary at this time.

If they do, then the only player they will be able do is Jabari Parker, who will be a restricted free agent this summer.

They are also in need for another wing scorer in the NBA.

If the Sixers do not take a big in the draft, they should be trying to find someone to fill that void.

The Jazz could be in line for a great wing scorer, and they have the assets to do it, if they can add a scorer at the top of the draft.

But there is no way they are going to take on this kind of salary this time around. 

While the Sixers might be able go after a top-three pick in the second round, they are likely going to have to get by with a second-round pick.

The Bucks are in desperate need of an elite scorer in this draft, and there are a lot more names that are on the board in the top 10.

They also might have to trade down to get something, but that is not a risk they are willing to take. 

If the Sixers don’t draft a star player in this pick, then it would seem as if they will have to wait for another star to emerge before they could make a move.

This is not the time in the history of the NBA to do that.

The best teams will be the ones that draft the best player possible in the round.

This will be one of the more intriguing draft classes of the year.