Construction begins on Walsh Construction Site at Walsall

Building materials and machinery are being moved into a site on the outskirts of Walshall in the west of the country after a lengthy construction process.

The building materials and equipment are being brought into the site to build the Walsh Construction site at Walesport and the site is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

The project will provide 1,200 jobs for the area.

The Walsalls Labour Force Survey showed the area has a population of 8.9, a high unemployment rate of 8 per cent and a household debt of £14,895.

In September, it was announced the area would be given the title of ‘Walesport of the Midlands’ in a bid to boost tourism.

Construction work started on the site last month, with the site now being closed to the public and residents are being asked to move back to Walsford for now.

More to come.