How many jobs are needed in Italian football for 2018?

There are at least a hundred jobless workers waiting to be hired in Italy’s construction sector, according to the construction estimator.

According to the report, the Italian Football Federation (FIG) will have to invest around 6 billion euros ($7.3 billion) in 2018, as it tries to boost the economy.

The cost will be shared by the Italian state and private sectors.

The report says that while the Italian football federation is the biggest employer in Italy, the sector has not yet been adequately protected against the economic downturn.

The main reason for this, the estimator says, is that Italy’s economic situation is far from ideal.

It has seen a sharp fall in construction industry activity, as construction companies have been hit hard by the global financial crisis.

The construction industry has not been able to compete with the rise of the private sector and is struggling to keep up with the growing demand from new technology industries.

The country’s construction boom has been in full swing since the 2008 financial crisis, with the construction industry generating €1.6 billion ($2.6 million) for the country in 2017, according the survey.

According the report by the Construction Industry Council, Italy is currently in a construction boom and has experienced over 1.5 billion euros of economic growth since the start of this year.

The economy has been growing at 3.7 percent since 2012, according FIG, which has reported that the construction sector will generate around €3.3 trillion in total income by 2022.

The current economic situation has been worsened by a number of issues.

The country is in the process of a debt restructuring, which is expected to generate a further €2.7 billion ($3.2 billion) through 2021.

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