How to Build a Tractor-Trailer in Texas

A contractor with the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas says he’s done his best to avoid building a vehicle of any kind on public land in Texas.

In an open letter to Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott (R), Daniel Wicker wrote that it would be “irresponsible” to allow the construction of any new trailer in Texas because of the state’s restrictive gun laws.

In the letter, Wicker says he plans to stop working on a project with a private contractor.

“I have done everything I can to avoid a construction site,” he wrote.

“I have learned to make sure that the land is not on private property.”

Wicker said that he began working on the project in 2014 after hearing about the restrictions in Texas and the threats of a similar law in New Jersey.

Wicker said he did not want to be a part of the construction site because it could have potentially killed the project.

Wicker, who works at a trucking company, said he’s never built a trailer before.

He said that the most difficult part of building a trailer is deciding what to put on the trailer.

He also said he would be forced to use an older tractor, which would be too heavy to use on the road.

Wickers, who lives in the Dallas suburb of Waco, said that after he and his wife built a small house and used it as a workshop, they learned how to build a trailer.

“We were going to be able to build the trailer on a hill, and then the sheriff would come to see us and take away our equipment,” Wicker told The Hill.

“We’ve learned how not to build on the land.”

He said that when he received a letter from Abbott about the project, he called the governor’s office and asked to speak with the attorney general about the issue.

The ACLU of Texas issued a statement saying that they “have been in contact with the governor to ensure he was aware of our concerns.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety has not yet responded to The Hill’s request for comment.