How to handle the NHL’s new construction management certifications

In a move that may make the league more accountable to players, the NHL announced Tuesday that it is making it easier for players to get certified for construction management, or CBM, by offering the process through a smartphone app.

The NHLPA, which is also pushing for the app, said the process was created to help players improve their safety and quality of life.

The league said it will create an app that will be free for players and available to NHL players and the NHLPA.

The NHLPA said players can choose the time and location of training sessions to get their CBM certification and that they will have the option to receive a free training package after training sessions.

Players will also be able to receive training and certification for the CBM program through the NHL Players’ Association and

“We have heard from players who are really eager to get into this program and want to get it out there,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said.

“We’re making sure that this is the right way to go.”

The app is available on the website and will include a training kit and equipment.

The league said players will be able access their CBMs via a video link, which will be accessible by clicking the video link or by visiting the NHL website.

The training kits will be provided to players at the NHLCA’s Player Development Camp in Buffalo, New York, and players will receive a training package for free.

The training packages will be made available for free to players through the app.

“The training kit will be a great opportunity for players who have not received their CBMS,” NHL Chief Operating Officer Peter Chiarelli said in a statement.

“The training will be of great value for them to have in their back pocket when they need it.

We know that it’s an important time to be in the game and we want to make sure that every player has the training kit they need to get up and running quickly.”

Chiarelli also said that the app will include links to other apps that will allow players to obtain CBMs.