What’s under construction in South Australia?

Construction workers are starting work on a new Adelaide suburb that will become the first city in Australia to include a section of the city’s streetscape, and the first in the world to include pedestrianised traffic signals.

The area, known as Westgate, will be the home of a new pedestrianised street in South Australian capital Adelaide.

It will replace the former Westgate Park in the city, which was demolished in the early 1900s.

City planners have said the street will be designed to be safe and efficient, and will also be an area of social interaction.

They have been working with a design firm to create a plan to include the new street, called “South Adelaide”.

“It’s been really important to us to ensure that the new pedestrianising pedestrianisation will be safe,” said Adelaide Council’s planner, John McGovern.

“It will be an opportunity for people to get out and have a walk and be part of our city and we think it will be a positive development.”

It’s a big undertaking for the city planner, and a project that will take years to complete.

While there have been other urban redesigns in Australia, this will be one of the biggest in the country.

Construction is expected to begin in late September and the streetscape is expected by early 2019.

You can follow the live blog here.


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