A look at the names of some of the companies involved in building the new Trans-Canada Highway in Edmonton

The name of the project is still being determined, but it’s getting a lot of attention this week from construction companies.

The new Trans Canada Highway will be built by Taylor Construction, an Alberta-based company that was formerly known as the Canadian Association of Builders.

They’ve been contracted to build the project since October.

“The project is now in the hands of the Alberta Transportation Authority (ATA) and it’s going to take a few months for the project to be finished,” said Sarah Taylor, vice-president of operations for Taylor Construction.

“We’re very excited about it, and we look forward to getting the project underway.”

The Alberta Transportation Agency is responsible for approving highway projects, and Taylor Construction has been hired by the agency to work with the construction team.

The company will provide the truckloads of material needed for the highway, which will be laid out over a number of months.

The Alberta Transport Authority is also expected to provide a formal review of the road, but Taylor Construction said that review will take place over several months.

“They’re going to be taking a very thorough look at all aspects of the highway from the design and design processes, the site design and the site preparation,” Taylor said.

“This is going to go through a number [of] issues and a number more inspections.”

The project is expected to take about two years to complete, and construction could be up and running in about two to three years.

The Trans-Pacific Trail is also being built in Canada, but the highway won’t be named for it.

Instead, the name of a new road connecting the two countries will be chosen.