Brisbane construction workers sue city for overpaid overtime

Posted October 19, 2018 09:00:00 Brisbane City Council has been ordered to pay over $4 million to workers for unpaid overtime.

A hearing is scheduled for today to determine whether the City of Brisbane should pay the workers.

The workers were working at the former Goldfields building on the south side of Brisbane where the Queensland Government was building a new office.

The Goldfields construction site is pictured on the left.

The Workers Union has argued the council should pay for the work as part of the building’s cost recovery strategy.

The union said it was surprised the City Council was not more upfront about the workers’ compensation claim.

“We were quite surprised to learn that we didn’t know about this claim at the time,” the Workers Union said in a statement.

“It was just a matter of when they were notified, and we weren’t informed.”

The union has now appealed the decision to the High Court.