Construction of parallel construction in India for 1,000 homes on site

Construction of the 1,400-home parallel construction project in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has been announced by the State Electricity Corporation of India.

The project, which is part of the Electricity Project, aims to build 1,300 houses over a five-kilometer (3-mile) stretch from Chennai to Jalan Malabar.

It will be the first such project in India.

The project will be operated by a subsidiary of the State Energy Corporation of Tamil N.S.

The government is also expected to announce construction of 1,200 units of the state’s second phase of the Rs.1,100-crore Solar Thermal Energy (STEE) project by late 2018.

The STEE project aims to produce 5,000 MW of electricity, with a target to be completed by 2023.

Source: Hindustan Times