How to build a Lego house

How to Build a Lego House: The Lego Architecture 101 article Build your own house with your own materials and build it in Lego bricks!

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to build.

Here’s how it works.


Get a Lego set 1.1 The first step is to buy a set of Lego bricks.

These are basically the bricks you can buy in a shop.

If you don’t have one, get a set to make it easier.


Make your house 3.1 Build the house using the same bricks you bought.

Use a 2 x 2 pattern for your walls, so the top is the top, and the bottom is the bottom.

Use your nails to nail the top to the bottom, then your hands to secure it to the walls.

3.2 Build the outside walls, which are a rectangle of about 1 metre by 2.5 metres.

Make sure you put the corners in a straight line to prevent the house from falling over.

3 and 3.4 Build the interior walls, using the opposite of the pattern.

Use the same pattern to nail down the corners and then the corners to the wall.

Make certain to use enough glue to hold everything together.

Make the flooring using your fingers, then using a nail to attach the floor to the floor.


Add your details to the house 5.1 Put a sticker on the door, to indicate you want it to open on your request.

You can also place a sticker over the door to indicate it will open on request.

5 and 5.2 The door will open.

Make a wooden frame to house the door in.

Put a nail in the frame to attach it to your house.


Add more details 6.1 Add a ladder or ladder board to the inside of the house.

Use glue to attach to the wooden frame, and glue to the outside of the building to make sure the house can be easily moved.


Add a sign or tag to the front of the structure 7.1 Make sure the front entrance sign says ‘Welcome to the Home’ in Lego.


Add the roof 8.1 Turn the house upside down so the roof line is facing your house on the other side.

Place the sign in front of your house so it is visible from both sides.


Add windows 9.1 Use the glue to glue the window frames to the roof.


Add doors 10.1 You can add doors by attaching them to the top of the frame, using a glue gun, and using your nails.

10 and 10.2 Place the door on top of your building.

Use one nail to nail it down, then the other to attach a wooden board to it. 10and 10.3 Put the door shut.

Use nail guns to nail to the board and attach it securely to the door.


Add shelves 11.1 Place the shelves on top.

Place a nail on the bottom of the shelves, then attach a glue to it to make the shelf look sturdy.


Add furniture 12.1 Grab the base of the door with your fingers and place it on top, so it looks like it is a door.

Make two wooden pieces and attach them to your door.

You might want to make two windows.

12 and 12.2 Now you need to attach your furniture.

Grab the top part of the wall and place a nail under the door frame.

Make three wooden pieces, and attach the pieces to your wall.


Add tables 13.1 Create a table in the centre of the room.

Place two nail guns on the table.

Make another nail gun on the opposite side of the table, and put it down in front.

Place another nail on each side of each nail gun, so they are facing outwards.

Make it so the nails are parallel to the table surface.

13 and 13.2 Position the table on the top table and attach nails to the tables sides.


Add mirrors 14.1 Attach mirrors to the windows in your house, so you can see inside and out.

14 and 14.2 To get the house to look as if it is inside, put mirrors in the back and back door.


Add curtains 15.1 Hang curtain rods at the back of your room so it’s visible from the outside.

Put the curtains down in the middle of the curtains and nail them together.


Add wall trim 16.1 Cut a piece of wall trim from your wall and use it as a trim for the roof of your home.

Cut a second piece and attach to your trim, so that it is parallel to your pieces.


Add trim to your home 17.1 Lay your trim on the roof and then attach it.

Use this trim to help add some extra details to your front entrance.

17 and 17.2 Add curtains 17.3 Lay your curtains at the front door of your homes front door.

Place curtains around the curtains to give