Trump’s ‘New Construction’ Shirt is the Real Thing

Breitbart News is proud to present our first look at the new construction shirts of President Donald Trump.

The Trump Administration’s ‘Build Synonym’ shirt is one of two items in a new Trump Administration “Build Synonymous” initiative.

This new “Build” shirt is currently in production at Trump Tower, where a team of 5,000 men and women will be working to make the shirt the first of its kind in the US.

“Our shirt is a statement of purpose,” Trump said at a press conference in January, “I’m really excited about it.”

The Trump administration’s “Build”-style shirt is also the first item in the “Synonym” series, the first Trump initiative to be launched with the full backing of the President.

“Synonymous” shirts are designed to be the perfect way to show off the President’s personal brand, the official White House website explains.

The new “Synonyms” shirt will be available to purchase starting on September 12, 2017.