What you need to know about air quality in Delhi, says Delhi University

Delhi, where air quality is abysmal, is the site of the biggest air pollution in the world and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future.

The city is in a state of emergency after the deadly August air disaster, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing ahead with his ambitious urbanisation plans, which he is calling “The City of Tomorrow”.

The city’s air quality has worsened in recent weeks, with PM Modi issuing orders to curtail work and traffic, which have brought the capital to a standstill. 

Read more about air pollution and pollution in India here.

The city is already dealing with an epidemic of smog, and PM Modi is also facing growing criticism over the government’s failure to do enough to curb air pollution, particularly in the capital.

The pollution has been attributed to coal-fired power plants, industrial pollution, industrial expansion and heavy industrial use.

The government has made air quality a priority, and has also introduced stricter pollution limits for some of the most polluted cities. 

While Delhi’s pollution levels have remained below acceptable standards, PM Modi has ordered the city’s municipal corporation to increase the number of “critical zones” where the air quality can be improved.

The PM’s measures, including limiting industrial pollution and improving air quality, have been praised by a number of scientists and experts.

Read more in the Times of Indian.

The Times of China: PM Modi and the air pollution crisis in Delhi India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has declared a national emergency and declared a state ban on coal-burning power plants in his flagship city, Delhi, ahead of a planned mass march for the death of his father, late prime minister Indira Gandhi.

PM Modi has vowed to reduce the pollution in Delhi by 70% by 2020, and to make it easier for workers to access safe air-conditioning.

He has also set up a task force to monitor and improve Delhi’s air, and will make efforts to improve the quality of its air through the implementation of “reduction measures” such as limiting industrial activities, restricting traffic and setting up more critical zones for air quality improvement.

Sources: Times of India, New Delhi University, The Times Of China, BBC

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