When is construction work not permitted?

Posted July 10, 2019 07:13:24The state government is looking at changes to its construction regulations to allow for construction work to continue at times when the weather is expected to be cooler, the Australian Capital Territory’s Construction Authority said on Tuesday.

Construction industry group ACTO said it has received several requests from construction workers to continue construction work even during the cooler months.

The group is also looking at increasing the amount of time workers must be allowed to remain at work, and is recommending that contractors be given more latitude to adapt their construction work plan.

“We understand that there may be some circumstances where the contractor is required to work longer periods of time than the normal contractor, but this is not the case in this case,” ACTO chief executive, Stephen Hall said.

“Our construction industry is a very flexible industry, and it has to adapt to the changing conditions.”

The state Department of Transport is looking into the possibility of allowing construction work during winter months.ACTO chief operating officer, Alan Johnson, said the authority would be open to any suggestions and was open to suggestions from the public.

“If a proposal is made, we would be happy to consider that and make a decision,” Mr Johnson said.

The ACTO’s proposed changes to the construction industry would apply to new and existing contracts, and would not affect existing contracts.

The Department of Planning and Environment has also expressed an interest in the proposed changes, with Mr Johnson saying the Department had the “full support of the construction sector”.

“The department has also been working closely with the construction community to ensure we are on the same page on the matter,” he said.

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