Which crane can lift the tallest structure?

The world’s tallest building, the world’s second-tallest, and the tallest manmade structure in the world have all failed, with the two being crushed under the weight of the construction crane they were built on.

In a rare move, the International Construction Trades Union said on Tuesday that it was suspending construction of the two towers at a crane in China for two years to allow the two structures to be reconstructed.

The construction company, the Shanghai-based China Construction Engineering Group, said in a statement that the two buildings were “in serious and challenging condition”, citing “a large amount of structural damage”.

The towers have a combined height of 1,726 metres (3,076 feet) and span an area of 1.2 million square metres (28,000 square feet), which makes them the world two tallest buildings.

The towers are part of the Chinese government’s ambitious project to erect a tower-supported city, and are among several projects the Chinese state hopes to complete over the next five years.

The Chinese government has also promised to raise the height of a nearby skyscraper that will be a model for future cities in the south of the country, including Beijing.

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