How to build Legos for your next project

The construction trailer for Legos set.

| Source: Lego, Getty Images A Lego set for your backyard?

You can build it in the backyard.

Lego is partnering with local builders to build the set for the city of Atlanta, with the goal of opening the construction area for the public to join in the fun.

Construction trailers have been available to anyone with the right materials for about 20 years, but Atlanta’s is the first to have a Lego version.

Legos are a popular and inexpensive toy, and Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing markets for the products.

The Lego set is about 400 feet long and has a full set of LEGO bricks and other Lego accessories.

The trailer has three doors and three ramps, as well as a ladder and a bed.

To get started, the builder will need to get permission from the city.

The city can approve the trailer and building permit, but the trailer is expected to be open to the public from March 1 through March 31.

Atlanta is just one of many cities that have already opened up the construction trailer space to the general public, but it’s the first in the U.S. to have one in the city’s backyard.

The trailers are already set up in the Atlanta Zoo and Aquarium, which will be the first of many such attractions opening up to the community.

It’s been a while since Atlanta was able to open up a city-wide trailer to the city for fun, and it shows.