What are some of the problems with Boston’s construction?

This article is part of our new series of articles on Boston’s development.

You can read more about our previous coverage here.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has vowed to fix the city’s crumbling infrastructure, including its crumbling bridges. 

Walsh has also promised to get more construction done in the Boston area, including a major highway tunnel under the city.

The Boston Globe reported that Walsh’s campaign said in a statement that he is “a leader on this issue” and that the mayor “will take the lead on rebuilding Boston’s bridges.”

The campaign said that the “biggest priority” of the mayor’s administration is to “rebuild the city” by completing the tunnel under Boston, and that “we have a great infrastructure team that will work to put the Boston Tunnel project on track.”

“As we’ve been working with the city and with other partners to build a new and better Boston for our future residents and businesses, we can build this new and improved Boston for everyone to thrive in the 21st century,” the statement continued.

Walsh, who has made a name for himself in his years as a politician, has made building projects a priority.

He has pledged to complete the $100 billion tunnel under downtown Boston, as well as a bridge over the Danube.

The bridge was also under construction before the collapse of the twin towers, which killed more than 3,000 people.

The mayor’s pledge to get the Boston-area tunnel under construction has not been matched by progress on the city-owned bridges.

The Boston Globe found that the Boston Waterfront Authority is still waiting for a federal bridge loan to finance the $1.5 billion project. 

A report from the Boston Redevelopment Authority released last month found that $150 million has been spent on the bridge since the collapse, but that a $1 billion bridge loan could be approved as soon as 2018.

The report also pointed out that the city hasn’t paid off the city debt to the Redelements Authority, the federal government’s bridge financing agency, which is responsible for the project.

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