What does a road sign mean?

An article on FourFourtwo.com has revealed that a road signage design company is making a $1.5 million sign for a building that is part of a new road.

The new road, which will be called M1, will be used by the new Lidcombe Highway, a four-lane highway built between South Wales and Ceredigion in the Welsh valleys.

The design team, which includes the former director of signage at the Welsh Government, is aiming to create a unique sign for the area and to give the road a distinctive design.

The sign was designed to complement the existing M1 sign at the junction of M1 and L1, which has the words ‘M1’, ‘Lidcombe’, ‘Road’, and ‘Hwy’.

The sign will be installed on M1 at the beginning of 2018, with the new road to open in 2020.

The project was initially approved by the Welsh Ministers last November, but a number of issues have emerged since then, including a lack of funding, and the decision to use the same sign for both M1 as well as the existing Lidbury Road.

However, it appears the road will not be complete for several years, and it is hoped that the road can be completed in time for the 2019 Commonwealth Games.

A spokesman for the project said:”The sign is a part of the wider road signage that will also be used in future years.”

The company said the sign was meant to complement signage in M1 that already existed, adding that they were currently working on a more elaborate sign for future road improvements.

“The M1 project has been very successful in attracting investment from various sectors and businesses, including the Welsh government and other government departments, so we believe the project is a great example of good government and a positive way to support the region’s future,” they added.

“We are extremely grateful to the Government and all the partners who have helped to build this project.”

The sign company added that they would not be commenting further on the project.

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