What you need to know about the new Westfield Stadium in Glasgow

Construction is well underway on the Westfield stadium, the stadium which was built by Westfield Group, the parent company of the Glasgow Rangers Football Club.

The Westfield project was the first major expansion project undertaken by the new owners of the Scottish Premier League club, with a design based on the design of their stadium in Glasgow.

Construction of the stadium is expected to be complete in 2021, with the new venue set to be opened for football in 2022.

The stadium will be the first stadium in the country to feature a new, retractable roof, with construction to begin in 2021.

Construction is expected be completed in 2021The stadium is scheduled to open for football at the start of 2022Westfield StadiumConstruction is set to start in 2021Westfield Group will build the stadium in Scotland’s largest city and the first venue in the UK to feature an retractable stadium.

Westfield is working on the construction of the Westfarms Stadium in Edinburgh.

Construction on the stadium has begun on the new facility.

Construction has started on the first phase of the new stadium.

Construction work has begun at the Westfields Stadium in East Renfrewshire.

Construction will start on the westfield of Glasgow’s new stadium in 2021Construction is currently underway at the stadiumConstruction has begun in 2021A new design for the Westfalest Stadium is underway in GlasgowConstruction is underway at Westfield Park in GlasgowWork is underway on a new stadium for the Glasgow giants, the new Glasgow Stadium.

The new stadium is set for completion in 2021 and is expected have seating for over 2,000.

Construction works are underway at Glasgow’s Westfords stadiumConstruction is ongoing at Glasgow City StadiumConstruction has been ongoing at the new Perth Stadium.

Construction in Glasgow is underwayConstruction has now begun on Glasgow City’s new arenaConstruction is in the final stagesConstruction has already begun on Perth’s new StadiumConstruction continues at Perth’s Perth StadiumConstruction work is underway.

Construction at the Glasgow City stadiumConstruction continues to be underwayConstruction at Perth StadiumWork continues on constructionWork continues at the Perth Stadium in Perth, Western AustraliaConstruction has continued at Perth ArenaWork continues to take placeWork continues in Glasgow’s arenaConstruction has also begunConstruction is continuingWork continuesWork continuesConstruction is at a standstillWork continues work on the Glasgow ArenaConstruction continues work in Glasgow