Which lane construction projects are the most controversial?

Lanes on major highways in Canada are often built without any consideration of safety or environmental considerations.

But as construction continues, some experts say that there is growing concern over the safety and environmental impacts of the work, particularly on the country’s aging highways.

Article Continued Below Lane construction is a relatively new construction practice, in which builders carve out a small area in the middle of a highway for a roadway.

Some highway planners have questioned whether this practice is a good idea, saying it can create dangerous shortcuts or cause a dangerous situation.

In April, a report by the Canadian Transportation Research Board said the practice is not recommended because of concerns about how it will affect traffic and road users.

The report said lane construction can be dangerous and could also create unsafe shortcuts that may not be visible to drivers.

“The safety of people using the highway is paramount, and this practice often leads to unsafe driving behaviours and even crashes,” the report said.

“When lane construction occurs in close proximity to a road user, it can be very difficult to see and avoid potentially dangerous actions by road users.”

The report also said the risks of lane construction are greatest when the highway has few lanes and it is used primarily by buses and other vehicles.

A few projects have been approved in the past, but not as quickly as others.

In 2014, the Saskatchewan government approved construction of a $10-million lane extension on the highway that connects Saskatoon with Winnipeg, but the project was abandoned.

The Saskatchewan government also approved the construction of the highway on the border with New Brunswick.

But critics said that the work is poorly done and there is little incentive for builders to work on the project.

“It’s a bit of a mess, a bit sloppy, and a bit unnecessary,” said Steve Schott, executive director of the advocacy group Canada’s Road Safety Coalition.

“The reality is, if you’re going to build a highway, you want it to be safe.”

According to a recent survey by the Conference Board of Canada, only 14 per cent of Canadians said they would consider buying a new vehicle that features a lane extension.

And in a poll of 1,800 Canadians conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, only 33 per cent said they’d consider buying an SUV or crossover with an automatic lane extension, even though auto manufacturers and suppliers of the vehicles are making their own improvements to make them safer.

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