Why the US is buying Arco construction equipment

Arco Construction has been building homes and offices across the US since the 1980s, but its new facilities in California are the biggest construction projects to date.

The company’s US operations have now expanded to include buildings across the state.

Arco will begin delivering construction equipment for the $2.4bn project, the first of its kind in the US, in California.

Construction will begin on two of the new Arco buildings in 2018.

Arcos construction equipment is used in the construction of the $1.8bn Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, and the Dakota Access pipeline has been the subject of protests in the region.

The Dakota Access oil pipeline is the subject for months of protests, as Native Americans and environmental groups continue to oppose the project.

Arcanis plans to build at least four of the buildings and four of its 1,000 employees in California, according to a statement from Arcanes parent company, Elta Construction.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has said the project will be a boon to the state of California, which is struggling with an acute shortage of construction workers.

“California has a strong construction industry and is home to some of the world’s largest employers, including Arcanos largest client, Arco,” said Eltab Construction president and chief executive officer Kevin Sabet in a statement.

“The new Arcanas construction equipment will add significant employment opportunities in the state, helping to build our state’s future and expanding the quality of life for all Californians.”