What’s the history of the Boston Globe and the Coronation Square monument?

Construction on the Coronet is officially underway and the city of Boston is planning a $60 million $20 million renovation of the Globe building, a landmark in the Boston area that has been in existence since 1871. 

The project is part of a massive, $60 billion renovation of Boston that has included major renovations to the Commonwealth, a major public transportation hub in the center of the city, and a major redevelopment of historic sites. 

A Globe employee told the Boston Herald that the renovation of Coronet would be completed this week, though no specific dates were given.

The Globe building sits on the corner of Beacon Street and Massachusetts Avenue, a block from Boston University and one of the most well-known public spaces in the city. 

In June, the Globe published a series of photos from inside the building, showing that a section of the exterior facade was missing, and the inside of the building was covered in mold and fungus. 

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement that the Boston Public Library and Boston Public Schools had been “proudly supporting” the project. 

“Our team is working tirelessly to complete this historic and significant project to preserve and protect Boston’s landmark, as well as to build a community that can be proud of its history,” he said. 

Construction on the renovation is scheduled to begin this week. 

Earlier this month, Mayor Walsh announced a $10 million donation from the Boston City Council to restore the Globe to its former glory. 

Work on the Globe renovation is expected to last up to 15 years, according to the Boston Department of Buildings.